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For months, I suffered with headaches. During my first snowboarding trip I developed headaches that hurt so bad, I could hardly keep my eyes open. I tried everything my doctor gave me, but nothing was helping. Finally, I visited the local chiropractor. One month later I was headache free! This was the first step to my chiropractic career. I became inspired and intrigued about chiropractic from then on. I shadowed chiropractors every time I was home from college and wanted to learn exactly how chiropractic could cure the exact problems that medical doctors treated. I had always been interested in how the body works and chiropractic school allowed me to develop the knowledge I was seeking. 


I originally wanted to be a dentist but halfway through my junior year of undergraduate I was diagnosed with essential tremors. The neurologist told me that my hands would always shake with fine motor movement and gradually get worse with age. Not wanting to accept defeat I searched out medical remedies so I could continue with my studies. I soon found that the treatments included potent experimental drugs, brain surgery, and alcohol consumption. With the options available to me I decided that becoming a dentist would not be the best idea. I graduated with a biochemistry degree and worked in quality assurance for a few years until I found Chiropractic. After ten adjustments I enrolled to be a chiropractor at Northwestern Health Science University. After my first year in school and getting routine adjustments most of my military induced low back pain was gone, I no longer got headaches, and my hands were no longer shaking. I knew I had found the perfect path to help people live better healthier lives.

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