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Doctor Matt


For months, I suffered with headaches. During my first snowboarding trip I developed headaches that hurt so bad, I could hardly keep my eyes open. I tried everything my doctor gave me, but nothing was helping. Finally, I visited the local chiropractor. One month later I was headache free! This was the first step to my chiropractic career. I became inspired and intrigued about chiropractic from then on. I shadowed chiropractors every time I was home from college and wanted to learn exactly how chiropractic could cure the exact problems that medical doctors treated. I had always been interested in how the body works and chiropractic school allowed me to develop the knowledge I was seeking. 

Dr. Kevin Brusky


As an athlete growing up I delt with countless injuries. I was fortunate that a friend of mine convinced me to see his brother who was a chiropractor. I didn’t know anything about chiropractic or what he was doing but to this day I still remember how good I felt after my first adjustment. Without chiropractic care, I do not think I would have been able to continue competing in athletics throughout high school and college.

After five years of training athletes of all ages, I felt as if I was missing something to help athletes achieve their full potential. I came to the realization that chiropractic care alongside sports training and conditioning could amplify an athletes performance.  After shadowing many chiropractors and seeing the variety of different approaches there were for treatment I was motivated to go to chiropractic school and provide the same care that has helped me throughout my life.

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